Source code for ocrd.cli.workspace

OCR-D CLI: workspace management

.. click:: ocrd.cli.workspace:workspace_cli
    :prog: ocrd workspace
    :nested: full
import os
from os import getcwd
from os.path import relpath, exists, join, isabs
from pathlib import Path
from json import loads
import sys
from glob import glob   # XXX pathlib.Path.glob does not support absolute globs
import re
import time

import click

from ocrd import Resolver, Workspace, WorkspaceValidator, WorkspaceBackupManager
from ocrd.mets_server import OcrdMetsServer
from ocrd_utils import getLogger, initLogging, pushd_popd, EXT_TO_MIME, safe_filename, parse_json_string_or_file
from ocrd.decorators import mets_find_options
from . import command_with_replaced_help

[docs]class WorkspaceCtx(): def __init__(self, directory, mets_url, mets_basename, mets_server_url, automatic_backup): self.log = getLogger('ocrd.cli.workspace') if mets_basename: self.log.warning(DeprecationWarning('--mets-basename is deprecated. Use --mets/--directory instead.')) self.resolver = Resolver(), self.mets_url, self.mets_basename, self.mets_server_url \ = self.resolver.resolve_mets_arguments(directory, mets_url, mets_basename, mets_server_url) self.automatic_backup = automatic_backup
pass_workspace = click.make_pass_decorator(WorkspaceCtx) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace # ----------------------------------------------------------------------"workspace") @click.option('-d', '--directory', envvar='WORKSPACE_DIR', type=click.Path(file_okay=False), metavar='WORKSPACE_DIR', help='Changes the workspace folder location [default: METS_URL directory or .]"') @click.option('-M', '--mets-basename', default=None, help='METS file basename. Deprecated, use --mets/--directory') @click.option('-m', '--mets', default=None, help='The path/URL of the METS file [default: WORKSPACE_DIR/mets.xml]', metavar="METS_URL") @click.option('-U', '--mets-server-url', 'mets_server_url', help="TCP host of METS server") @click.option('--backup', default=False, help="Backup mets.xml whenever it is saved.", is_flag=True) @click.pass_context def workspace_cli(ctx, directory, mets, mets_basename, mets_server_url, backup): """ Managing workspaces A workspace comprises a METS file and a directory as point of reference. Operates on the file system directly or via a METS server (already running via some prior `server start` subcommand). """ initLogging() ctx.obj = WorkspaceCtx( directory, mets_url=mets, mets_basename=mets_basename, mets_server_url=mets_server_url, automatic_backup=backup ) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace validate # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('validate', cls=command_with_replaced_help( (r' \[METS_URL\]', ''))) # XXX deprecated argument @pass_workspace @click.option('-a', '--download', is_flag=True, help="Download all files") @click.option('-s', '--skip', help="Tests to skip", default=[], multiple=True, type=click.Choice( ['imagefilename', 'dimension', 'pixel_density', 'page', 'url', 'page_xsd', 'mets_fileid_page_pcgtsid', 'mets_unique_identifier', 'mets_file_group_names', 'mets_files', 'mets_xsd'])) @click.option('--page-textequiv-consistency', '--page-strictness', help="How strict to check PAGE multi-level textequiv consistency", type=click.Choice(['strict', 'lax', 'fix', 'off']), default='strict') @click.option('--page-coordinate-consistency', help="How fierce to check PAGE multi-level coordinate consistency", type=click.Choice(['poly', 'baseline', 'both', 'off']), default='poly') @click.argument('mets_url', default=None, required=False) def workspace_validate(ctx, mets_url, download, skip, page_textequiv_consistency, page_coordinate_consistency): """ Validate a workspace METS_URL can be a URL, an absolute path or a path relative to $PWD. If not given, use --mets accordingly. Check that the METS and its referenced file contents abide by the OCR-D specifications. """ LOG = getLogger('ocrd.cli.workspace.validate') if mets_url: LOG.warning(DeprecationWarning("Use 'ocrd workspace --mets METS init' instead of argument 'METS_URL' ('%s')" % mets_url)) else: mets_url = ctx.mets_url report = WorkspaceValidator.validate( ctx.resolver, mets_url,, skip=skip, download=download, page_strictness=page_textequiv_consistency, page_coordinate_consistency=page_coordinate_consistency ) print(report.to_xml()) if not report.is_valid: sys.exit(128) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace clone # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('clone', cls=command_with_replaced_help( (r' \[WORKSPACE_DIR\]', ''))) # XXX deprecated argument @click.option('-f', '--clobber-mets', help="Overwrite existing METS file", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-a', '--download', is_flag=True, help="Download all files and change location in METS file after cloning") @click.argument('mets_url') # XXX deprecated @click.argument('workspace_dir', default=None, required=False) @pass_workspace def workspace_clone(ctx, clobber_mets, download, mets_url, workspace_dir): """ Create a workspace from METS_URL and return the directory METS_URL can be a URL, an absolute path or a path relative to $PWD. If METS_URL is not provided, use --mets accordingly. METS_URL can also be an OAI-PMH GetRecord URL wrapping a METS file. """ LOG = getLogger('ocrd.cli.workspace.clone') if workspace_dir: LOG.warning(DeprecationWarning("Use 'ocrd workspace --directory DIR clone' instead of argument 'WORKSPACE_DIR' ('%s')" % workspace_dir)) = workspace_dir workspace = ctx.resolver.workspace_from_url( mets_url,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, clobber_mets=clobber_mets, download=download, ) workspace.save_mets() print( # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace init # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('init', cls=command_with_replaced_help( (r' \[DIRECTORY\]', ''))) # XXX deprecated argument @click.option('-f', '--clobber-mets', help="Clobber mets.xml if it exists", is_flag=True, default=False) # XXX deprecated @click.argument('directory', default=None, required=False) @pass_workspace def workspace_init(ctx, clobber_mets, directory): """ Create a workspace with an empty METS file in --directory. """ LOG = getLogger('ocrd.cli.workspace.init') if directory: LOG.warning(DeprecationWarning("Use 'ocrd workspace --directory DIR init' instead of argument 'DIRECTORY' ('%s')" % directory)) = directory workspace = ctx.resolver.workspace_from_nothing(, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, clobber_mets=clobber_mets ) workspace.save_mets() print( # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace add # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('add') @click.option('-G', '--file-grp', help="fileGrp USE", required=True, metavar='FILE_GRP') @click.option('-i', '--file-id', help="ID for the file", required=True, metavar='FILE_ID') @click.option('-m', '--mimetype', help="Media type of the file. Guessed from extension if not provided", required=False, metavar='TYPE') @click.option('-g', '--page-id', help="ID of the physical page", metavar='PAGE_ID') @click.option('-C', '--check-file-exists', help="Whether to ensure FNAME exists", is_flag=True, default=False) @click.option('--ignore', help="Do not check whether file exists.", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('--force', help="If file with ID already exists, replace it. No effect if --ignore is set.", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.argument('fname', required=True) @pass_workspace def workspace_add_file(ctx, file_grp, file_id, mimetype, page_id, ignore, check_file_exists, force, fname): """ Add a file or http(s) URL FNAME to METS in a workspace. If FNAME is not an http(s) URL and is not a workspace-local existing file, try to copy to workspace. """ workspace = Workspace( ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup, mets_server_url=ctx.mets_server_url, ) log = getLogger('ocrd.cli.workspace.add') if not mimetype: try: mimetype = EXT_TO_MIME[Path(fname).suffix]"Guessed mimetype to be %s" % mimetype) except KeyError: log.error("Cannot guess mimetype from extension '%s' for '%s'. Set --mimetype explicitly" % (Path(fname).suffix, fname)) log.debug("Adding '%s'", fname) local_filename = None if not (fname.startswith('http://') or fname.startswith('https://')): if not fname.startswith( if not isabs(fname) and exists(join(, fname)): fname = join(, fname) else: log.debug("File '%s' is not in workspace, copying", fname) try: fname = ctx.resolver.download_to_directory(, fname, subdir=file_grp) except FileNotFoundError: if check_file_exists: log.error("File '%s' does not exist, halt execution!" % fname) sys.exit(1) if check_file_exists and not exists(fname): log.error("File '%s' does not exist, halt execution!" % fname) sys.exit(1) if fname.startswith( fname = relpath(fname, local_filename = fname if not page_id: log.warning("You did not provide '--page-id/-g', so the file you added is not linked to a specific page.") kwargs = { 'file_id': file_id, 'mimetype': mimetype, 'page_id': page_id, 'force': force, 'ignore': ignore, 'local_filename': local_filename, 'url': fname } workspace.add_file(file_grp, **kwargs) workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace bulk-add # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # pylint: disable=broad-except @workspace_cli.command('bulk-add') @click.option('-r', '--regex', help="Regular expression matching the FILE_GLOB filesystem paths to define named captures usable in the other parameters", required=True) @click.option('-m', '--mimetype', help="Media type of the file. If not provided, guess from filename", required=False) @click.option('-g', '--page-id', help="physical page ID of the file", required=False) @click.option('-i', '--file-id', help="ID of the file. If not provided, derive from fileGrp and filename", required=False) @click.option('-u', '--url', help="Remote URL of the file", required=False) @click.option('-l', '--local-filename', help="Local filesystem path in the workspace directory (copied from source file if different)", required=False) @click.option('-G', '--file-grp', help="File group USE of the file", required=True) @click.option('-n', '--dry-run', help="Don't actually do anything to the METS or filesystem, just preview", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-S', '--source-path', 'src_path_option', help="File path to copy from (if different from FILE_GLOB values)", required=False) @click.option('-I', '--ignore', help="Disable checking for existing file entries (faster)", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-f', '--force', help="Replace existing file entries with the same ID (no effect when --ignore is set, too)", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-s', '--skip', help="Skip files not matching --regex (instead of failing)", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.argument('file_glob', nargs=-1, required=True) @pass_workspace def workspace_cli_bulk_add(ctx, regex, mimetype, page_id, file_id, url, local_filename, file_grp, dry_run, file_glob, src_path_option, ignore, force, skip): """ Add files in bulk to an OCR-D workspace. FILE_GLOB can either be a shell glob expression to match file names, or a list of expressions or '-', in which case expressions are read from STDIN. After globbing, --regex is matched against each expression resulting from FILE_GLOB, and can define named groups reusable in the --page-id, --file-id, --mimetype, --url, --source-path and --file-grp options, e.g. by referencing the group name 'grp' from the regex as '{{ grp }}'. If the FILE_GLOB expressions do not denote the file names themselves (but arbitrary strings for --regex matching), then use --source-path to set the actual file paths to use. (This could involve fixed strings or group references.) \b Examples: ocrd workspace bulk-add \\ --regex '(?P<fileGrp>[^/]+)/page_(?P<pageid>.*)\.[^.]+' \\ --page-id 'PHYS_{{ pageid }}' \\ --file-grp "{{ fileGrp }}" \\ path/to/files/*/*.* \b echo "path/to/src/file.xml SEG/page_p0001.xml" \\ | ocrd workspace bulk-add \\ --regex '(?P<src>.*?) (?P<fileGrp>.+?)/page_(?P<pageid>.*)\.(?P<ext>[^\.]*)' \\ --file-id 'FILE_{{ fileGrp }}_{{ pageid }}' \\ --page-id 'PHYS_{{ pageid }}' \\ --file-grp "{{ fileGrp }}" \\ --local-filename '{{ fileGrp }}/FILE_{{ pageid }}.{{ ext }}' \\ - \b { echo PHYS_0001 BIN FILE_0001_BIN.IMG-wolf BIN/FILE_0001_BIN.IMG-wolf.png; \\ echo PHYS_0001 BIN FILE_0001_BIN BIN/FILE_0001_BIN.xml; \\ echo PHYS_0002 BIN FILE_0002_BIN.IMG-wolf BIN/FILE_0002_BIN.IMG-wolf.png; \\ echo PHYS_0002 BIN FILE_0002_BIN BIN/FILE_0002_BIN.xml; \\ } | ocrd workspace bulk-add -r '(?P<pageid>.*) (?P<filegrp>.*) (?P<fileid>.*) (?P<local_filename>.*)' \\ -G '{{ filegrp }}' -g '{{ pageid }}' -i '{{ fileid }}' -S '{{ local_filename }}' - """ log = getLogger('ocrd.cli.workspace.bulk-add') # pylint: disable=redefined-outer-name workspace = Workspace( ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup, mets_server_url=ctx.mets_server_url, ) try: pat = re.compile(regex) except Exception as e: log.error("Invalid regex: %s" % e) sys.exit(1) file_paths = [] from_stdin = file_glob == ('-',) if from_stdin: file_paths += [Path(x.strip('\n')) for x in sys.stdin.readlines()] else: for fglob in file_glob: expanded = glob(fglob) if not expanded: file_paths += [Path(fglob)] else: file_paths += [Path(x) for x in expanded] for i, file_path in enumerate(file_paths):"[%4d/%d] %s" % (i + 1, len(file_paths), file_path)) # match regex m = pat.match(str(file_path)) if not m: if skip: continue log.error("File '%s' not matched by regex: '%s'" % (file_path, regex)) sys.exit(1) group_dict = m.groupdict() # set up file info file_dict = {'local_filename': local_filename, 'url': url, 'mimetype': mimetype, 'file_id': file_id, 'page_id': page_id, 'file_grp': file_grp} # Flag to track whether 'local_filename' should be 'src' local_filename_is_src = False # expand templates for param_name in file_dict: if not file_dict[param_name]: if param_name == 'local_filename': local_filename_is_src = True continue elif param_name in ['mimetype', 'file_id']: # auto-filled below once the other # replacements have happened continue elif param_name == 'url': # Remote URL is not required continue raise ValueError(f"OcrdFile attribute '{param_name}' unset ({file_dict})") for group_name in group_dict: file_dict[param_name] = file_dict[param_name].replace('{{ %s }}' % group_name, group_dict[group_name]) # Where to copy from if src_path_option: src_path = src_path_option for group_name in group_dict: src_path = src_path.replace('{{ %s }}' % group_name, group_dict[group_name]) srcpath = Path(src_path) else: srcpath = file_path # derive --file-id from filename if not --file-id not explicitly set if not file_id: id_field = srcpath.stem if file_path != srcpath else file_path.stem file_dict['file_id'] = safe_filename('%s_%s' % (file_dict['file_grp'], id_field)) if not mimetype: try: file_dict['mimetype'] = EXT_TO_MIME[srcpath.suffix] except KeyError: log.error("Cannot guess MIME type from extension '%s' for '%s'. Set --mimetype explicitly" % (srcpath.suffix, srcpath)) # copy files if src != url if local_filename_is_src: file_dict['local_filename'] = srcpath else: destpath = Path(, file_dict['local_filename']) if srcpath != destpath and not destpath.exists():"cp '%s' '%s'", srcpath, destpath) if not dry_run: if not destpath.parent.is_dir(): destpath.parent.mkdir() destpath.write_bytes(srcpath.read_bytes()) # Add to workspace (or not) fileGrp = file_dict.pop('file_grp') if dry_run:'workspace.add_file(%s)' % file_dict) else: workspace.add_file(fileGrp, ignore=ignore, force=force, **file_dict) # save changes to disk workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace find # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('find') @mets_find_options @click.option('-k', '--output-field', help="Output field. Repeat for multiple fields, will be joined with tab", default=['local_filename'], multiple=True, type=click.Choice([ 'url', 'mimetype', 'page_id', 'pageId', 'file_id', 'ID', 'file_grp', 'fileGrp', 'basename', 'basename_without_extension', 'local_filename', ])) @click.option('--download', is_flag=True, help="Download found files to workspace and change location in METS file ") @click.option('--undo-download', is_flag=True, help="Remove all downloaded files from the METS") @click.option('--wait', type=int, default=0, help="Wait this many seconds between download requests") @pass_workspace def workspace_find(ctx, file_grp, mimetype, page_id, file_id, output_field, download, undo_download, wait): """ Find files. (If any ``FILTER`` starts with ``//``, then its remainder will be interpreted as a regular expression.) """ snake_to_camel = {"file_id": "ID", "page_id": "pageId", "file_grp": "fileGrp"} output_field = [snake_to_camel.get(x, x) for x in output_field] modified_mets = False ret = list() workspace = Workspace( ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, mets_server_url=ctx.mets_server_url, ) for f in workspace.find_files( file_id=file_id, file_grp=file_grp, mimetype=mimetype, page_id=page_id, ): ret_entry = [f.ID if field == 'pageId' else str(getattr(f, field)) or '' for field in output_field] if download and not f.local_filename: workspace.download_file(f) modified_mets = True if wait: time.sleep(wait) if undo_download and f.local_filename: ret_entry = [f'Removed local_filename {f.local_filename}'] f.local_filename = None modified_mets = True ret.append(ret_entry) if modified_mets: workspace.save_mets() if 'pageId' in output_field: idx = output_field.index('pageId') fileIds = list(map(lambda fields: fields[idx], ret)) pages = workspace.mets.get_physical_pages(for_fileIds=fileIds) for fields, page in zip(ret, pages): fields[idx] = page or '' for fields in ret: print('\t'.join(fields)) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace remove # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('remove') @click.option('-k', '--keep-file', help="Do not delete file from file system", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-f', '--force', help="Continue even if mets:file or file on file system does not exist", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.argument('ID', nargs=-1) @pass_workspace def workspace_remove_file(ctx, id, force, keep_file): # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin """ Delete files (given by their ID attribute ``ID``). (If any ``ID`` starts with ``//``, then its remainder will be interpreted as a regular expression.) """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup) for i in id: workspace.remove_file(i, force=force, keep_file=keep_file) workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace rename-group # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('rename-group') @click.argument('OLD', nargs=1) @click.argument('NEW', nargs=1) @pass_workspace def rename_group(ctx, old, new): """ Rename fileGrp (USE attribute ``NEW`` to ``OLD``). """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename) workspace.rename_file_group(old, new) workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace remove-group # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('remove-group') @click.option('-r', '--recursive', help="Delete any files in the group before the group itself", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-f', '--force', help="Continue removing even if group or containing files not found in METS", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.option('-k', '--keep-files', help="Do not delete files from file system", default=False, is_flag=True) @click.argument('GROUP', nargs=-1) @pass_workspace def remove_group(ctx, group, recursive, force, keep_files): """ Delete fileGrps (given by their USE attribute ``GROUP``). (If any ``GROUP`` starts with ``//``, then its remainder will be interpreted as a regular expression.) """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename) for g in group: workspace.remove_file_group(g, recursive=recursive, force=force, keep_files=keep_files) workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace prune-files # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('prune-files') @click.option('-G', '--file-grp', help="fileGrp USE", metavar='FILTER') @click.option('-m', '--mimetype', help="Media type to look for", metavar='FILTER') @click.option('-g', '--page-id', help="Page ID", metavar='FILTER') @click.option('-i', '--file-id', help="ID", metavar='FILTER') @pass_workspace def prune_files(ctx, file_grp, mimetype, page_id, file_id): """ Removes mets:files that point to non-existing local files (If any ``FILTER`` starts with ``//``, then its remainder will be interpreted as a regular expression.) """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup) with pushd_popd( for f in workspace.find_files( file_id=file_id, file_grp=file_grp, mimetype=mimetype, page_id=page_id, ): try: if not f.local_filename or not exists(f.local_filename): workspace.mets.remove_file(f.ID) except Exception as e: ctx.log.exception("Error removing %f: %s", f, e) raise(e) workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace list-group # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('list-group') @pass_workspace def list_groups(ctx): """ List fileGrp USE attributes """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename) print("\n".join(workspace.mets.file_groups)) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace list-pages # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('list-page') @pass_workspace def list_pages(ctx): """ List physical page IDs """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename) print("\n".join(workspace.mets.physical_pages)) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace get-id # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('get-id') @pass_workspace def get_id(ctx): """ Get METS id if any """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename) ID = workspace.mets.unique_identifier if ID: print(ID) # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace set-id # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @workspace_cli.command('set-id') @click.argument('ID') @pass_workspace def set_id(ctx, id): # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin """ Set METS ID. If one of the supported identifier mechanisms is used, will set this identifier. Otherwise will create a new <mods:identifier type="purl">{{ ID }}</mods:identifier>. """ workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup) workspace.mets.unique_identifier = id workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace merge # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- def _handle_json_option(ctx, param, value): return parse_json_string_or_file(value) if value else None @workspace_cli.command('merge') @click.argument('METS_PATH') @click.option('--overwrite/--no-overwrite', is_flag=True, default=False, help="Overwrite on-disk file in case of file name conflicts with data from METS_PATH") @click.option('--force/--no-force', is_flag=True, default=False, help="Overwrite mets:file from --mets with mets:file from METS_PATH if IDs clash") @click.option('--copy-files/--no-copy-files', is_flag=True, help="Copy files as well", default=True, show_default=True) @click.option('--fileGrp-mapping', help="JSON object mapping src to dest fileGrp", callback=_handle_json_option) @click.option('--fileId-mapping', help="JSON object mapping src to dest file ID", callback=_handle_json_option) @click.option('--pageId-mapping', help="JSON object mapping src to dest page ID", callback=_handle_json_option) @mets_find_options @pass_workspace def merge(ctx, overwrite, force, copy_files, filegrp_mapping, fileid_mapping, pageid_mapping, file_grp, file_id, page_id, mimetype, mets_path): # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin """ Merges this workspace with the workspace that contains ``METS_PATH`` Pass a JSON string or file to ``--fileGrp-mapping``, ``--fileId-mapping`` or ``--pageId-mapping`` in order to rename all fileGrp, file ID or page ID values, respectively. The ``--file-id``, ``--page-id``, ``--mimetype`` and ``--file-grp`` options have the same semantics as in ``ocrd workspace find``, see ``ocrd workspace find --help`` for an explanation. """ mets_path = Path(mets_path) if filegrp_mapping: filegrp_mapping = loads(filegrp_mapping) workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup) other_workspace = Workspace(ctx.resolver, directory=str(mets_path.parent), mets_basename=str( workspace.merge( other_workspace, force=force, overwrite=overwrite, copy_files=copy_files, fileGrp_mapping=filegrp_mapping, fileId_mapping=fileid_mapping, pageId_mapping=pageid_mapping, file_grp=file_grp, file_id=file_id, page_id=page_id, mimetype=mimetype ) workspace.save_mets() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace backup # ----------------------------------------------------------------------'backup') @click.pass_context def workspace_backup_cli(ctx): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """ Backing and restoring workspaces - dev edition """ @workspace_backup_cli.command('add') @pass_workspace def workspace_backup_add(ctx): """ Create a new backup """ backup_manager = WorkspaceBackupManager(Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup)) backup_manager.add() @workspace_backup_cli.command('list') @pass_workspace def workspace_backup_list(ctx): """ List backups """ backup_manager = WorkspaceBackupManager(Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup)) for b in backup_manager.list(): print(b) @workspace_backup_cli.command('restore') @click.option('-f', '--choose-first', help="Restore first matching version if more than one", is_flag=True) @click.argument('bak') #, type=click.Path(dir_okay=False, readable=True, resolve_path=True)) @pass_workspace def workspace_backup_restore(ctx, choose_first, bak): """ Restore backup BAK """ backup_manager = WorkspaceBackupManager(Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup)) backup_manager.restore(bak, choose_first) @workspace_backup_cli.command('undo') @pass_workspace def workspace_backup_undo(ctx): """ Restore the last backup """ backup_manager = WorkspaceBackupManager(Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, automatic_backup=ctx.automatic_backup)) backup_manager.undo() # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ocrd workspace server # ----------------------------------------------------------------------'server') @pass_workspace def workspace_serve_cli(ctx): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Control a METS server for this workspace""" assert ctx.mets_server_url, "For METS server commands, you must provide '-U/--mets-server-url'" @workspace_serve_cli.command('stop') @pass_workspace def workspace_serve_stop(ctx): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Stop the METS server""" workspace = Workspace( ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename, mets_server_url=ctx.mets_server_url, ) workspace.mets.stop() @workspace_serve_cli.command('start') @pass_workspace def workspace_serve_start(ctx): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """ Start a METS server (For TCP backend, pass a network interface to bind to as the '-U/--mets-server-url' parameter.) """ OcrdMetsServer( workspace=Workspace(ctx.resolver,, mets_basename=ctx.mets_basename), url=ctx.mets_server_url, ).startup()