Source code for ocrd_validators.json_validator

Validating JSON-Schema
import json

from jsonschema import Draft6Validator, validators # pylint: disable=import-error

from ocrd_models import ValidationReport

[docs]def extend_with_default(validator_class): """ Add a default-setting mechanism to a ``jsonschema`` validation class. """ validate_properties = validator_class.VALIDATORS["properties"] def set_defaults(validator, properties, instance, schema): """ Set defaults in subschemas """ for prop, subschema in properties.items(): if "default" in subschema: instance.setdefault(prop, subschema["default"]) for error in validate_properties(validator, properties, instance, schema): yield error return validators.extend(validator_class, {"properties": set_defaults})
DefaultValidatingDraft6Validator = extend_with_default(Draft6Validator) # # ------------------------------------------------- #
[docs]class JsonValidator(): """ JSON Schema validator. """
[docs] @staticmethod def validate(obj, schema): """ Validate an object against a schema Args: obj (dict): schema (dict): """ if isinstance(obj, str): obj = json.loads(obj) return JsonValidator(schema)._validate(obj) # pylint: disable=protected-access
def __init__(self, schema, validator_class=Draft6Validator): """ Construct a JsonValidator. Args: schema (dict): validator_class (Draft6Validator|DefaultValidatingDraft6Validator): """ self.validator = validator_class(schema) def _validate(self, obj): """ Do the actual validation Arguments: obj (dict): object to validate Returns: ValidationReport """ report = ValidationReport() if not self.validator.is_valid(obj): for v in self.validator.iter_errors(obj): # print(">>>>>>>>> v='%s', obj='%s'" % (v, obj)) report.add_error("[%s] %s" % ('.'.join(str(vv) for vv in v.path), v.message)) return report