Source code for ocrd_validators.workspace_validator

Validating a workspace.
import re
from traceback import format_exc
from pathlib import Path

from ocrd_utils import getLogger, MIMETYPE_PAGE, pushd_popd, is_local_filename
from ocrd_models import ValidationReport
from ocrd_modelfactory import page_from_file

from .page_validator import PageValidator
from .xsd_page_validator import XsdPageValidator
from .xsd_mets_validator import XsdMetsValidator

# -------------------------------------------------

[docs]class WorkspaceValidator(): """ Validates an OCR-D/METS workspace against the specs. """
[docs] @staticmethod def check_file_grp(workspace, input_file_grp=None, output_file_grp=None, page_id=None, report=None): """ Return a report on whether input_file_grp is/are in workspace.mets and output_file_grp is/are not. To be run before processing Arguments: workspacec (Workspace) the workspace to validate input_file_grp (list|string) list or comma-separated list of input file groups output_file_grp (list|string) list or comma-separated list of output file groups page_id (list|string) list or comma-separated list of page_ids to write to """ if not report: report = ValidationReport() if isinstance(input_file_grp, str): input_file_grp = input_file_grp.split(',') if input_file_grp else [] if isinstance(output_file_grp, str): output_file_grp = output_file_grp.split(',') if output_file_grp else [] if page_id and isinstance(page_id, str): page_id = page_id.split(',') log = getLogger('ocrd.workspace_validator') log.debug("input_file_grp=%s output_file_grp=%s" % (input_file_grp, output_file_grp)) if input_file_grp: for grp in input_file_grp: if grp not in workspace.mets.file_groups: report.add_error("Input fileGrp[@USE='%s'] not in METS!" % grp) if output_file_grp: for grp in output_file_grp: if grp in workspace.mets.file_groups: if page_id: for one_page_id in page_id: if next(workspace.mets.find_files(fileGrp=grp, pageId=one_page_id), None): report.add_error("Output fileGrp[@USE='%s'] already contains output for page %s" % (grp, one_page_id)) else: report.add_error("Output fileGrp[@USE='%s'] already in METS!" % grp) return report
def __init__(self, resolver, mets_url, src_dir=None, skip=None, download=False, page_strictness='strict', page_coordinate_consistency='poly'): """ Construct a new WorkspaceValidator. Args: resolver (Resolver): mets_url (string): src_dir (string): skip (list): download (boolean): page_strictness ("strict"|"lax"|"fix"|"off"): page_coordinate_consistency ("poly"|"baseline"|"both"|"off"): """ = ValidationReport() self.skip = skip if skip else [] self.log = getLogger('ocrd.workspace_validator') self.log.debug('resolver=%s mets_url=%s src_dir=%s', resolver, mets_url, src_dir) self.resolver = resolver if mets_url is None and src_dir is not None: mets_url = '%s/mets.xml' % src_dir self.mets_url = mets_url = download self.page_strictness = page_strictness self.page_coordinate_consistency = page_coordinate_consistency self.src_dir = src_dir self.workspace = None self.mets = None
[docs] @staticmethod def validate(*args, **kwargs): """ Validates the workspace of a METS URL against the specs Arguments: resolver (:class:`ocrd.Resolver`): Resolver mets_url (string): URL of the METS file src_dir (string, None): Directory containing mets file skip (list): Tests to skip. One or more of 'mets_unique_identifier', 'mets_file_group_names', 'mets_files', 'pixel_density', 'dimension', 'url' download (boolean): Whether to download files Returns: report (:class:`ValidationReport`) Report on the validity """ validator = WorkspaceValidator(*args, **kwargs) return validator._validate() # pylint: disable=protected-access
def _validate(self): """ Actual validation. """ try: self._resolve_workspace() except Exception as e: # pylint: disable=broad-except self.log.warning("Failed to instantiate workspace: %s", e)"Failed to instantiate workspace: %s" % e) return with pushd_popd( try: if 'mets_unique_identifier' not in self.skip: self._validate_mets_unique_identifier() if 'mets_file_group_names' not in self.skip: self._validate_mets_file_group_names() if 'mets_files' not in self.skip: self._validate_mets_files() if 'pixel_density' not in self.skip: self._validate_pixel_density() if 'multipage' not in self.skip: self._validate_multipage() if 'dimension' not in self.skip: self._validate_dimension() if 'imagefilename' not in self.skip: self._validate_imagefilename() if 'page' not in self.skip: self._validate_page() if 'page_xsd' not in self.skip: self._validate_page_xsd() if 'mets_xsd' not in self.skip: self._validate_mets_xsd() except Exception: # pylint: disable=broad-except"Validation aborted with exception: %s" % format_exc()) return def _resolve_workspace(self): """ Clone workspace from mets_url unless workspace was provided. """ self.log.debug('_resolve_workspace') if self.workspace is None: self.workspace = self.resolver.workspace_from_url(self.mets_url, src_baseurl=self.src_dir, self.mets = self.workspace.mets def _validate_mets_unique_identifier(self): """ Validate METS unique identifier exists. See `spec <>`_. """ self.log.debug('_validate_mets_unique_identifier') if self.mets.unique_identifier is None:"METS has no unique identifier") def _validate_imagefilename(self): """ Validate that the imageFilename is correctly set to a filename relative to the workspace """ self.log.debug('_validate_imagefilename') for f in self.mets.find_files(mimetype=MIMETYPE_PAGE): if not is_local_filename(f.url) and not"Won't download remote PAGE XML <%s>" % f.url) continue self.workspace.download_file(f) page = page_from_file(f).get_Page() imageFilename = page.imageFilename if not self.mets.find_files(url=imageFilename):"PAGE-XML %s : imageFilename '%s' not found in METS" % (f.url, imageFilename)) if is_local_filename(imageFilename) and not Path(imageFilename).exists():"PAGE-XML %s : imageFilename '%s' points to non-existent local file") def _validate_dimension(self): """ Validate image height and PAGE imageHeight match """'_validate_dimension') for f in self.mets.find_files(mimetype=MIMETYPE_PAGE): if not is_local_filename(f.url) and not"_validate_dimension: Not executed because --download wasn't set and PAGE might reference remote (Alternative)Images <%s>" % f.url) continue page = page_from_file(f).get_Page() _, _, exif = self.workspace.image_from_page(page, f.pageId) if page.imageHeight != exif.height:"PAGE '%s': @imageHeight != image's actual height (%s != %s)" % (f.ID, page.imageHeight, exif.height)) if page.imageWidth != exif.width:"PAGE '%s': @imageWidth != image's actual width (%s != %s)" % (f.ID, page.imageWidth, exif.width)) def _validate_multipage(self): """ Validate the number of images per file is 1 (TIFF allows multi-page images) See `spec <>`_. """ self.log.debug('_validate_multipage') for f in [f for f in self.mets.find_files() if f.mimetype.startswith('image/')]: if not is_local_filename(f.url) and not"Won't download remote image <%s>" % f.url) continue try: exif = self.workspace.resolve_image_exif(f.url) if exif.n_frames > 1:"Image %s: More than 1 frame: %s" % (f.ID, exif.n_frames)) except FileNotFoundError:"Image %s: Could not retrieve %s" % (f.ID, f.url)) return def _validate_pixel_density(self): """ Validate image pixel density See `spec <>`_. """ self.log.debug('_validate_pixel_density') for f in [f for f in self.mets.find_files() if f.mimetype.startswith('image/')]: if not is_local_filename(f.url) and not"Won't download remote image <%s>" % f.url) continue exif = self.workspace.resolve_image_exif(f.url) for k in ['xResolution', 'yResolution']: v = exif.__dict__.get(k) if v is None or v <= 72:"Image %s: %s (%s pixels per %s) is suspiciously low" % (f.ID, k, v, exif.resolutionUnit)) def _validate_mets_file_group_names(self): """ Ensure ``USE`` attributes of ``mets:fileGrp`` conform to OCR-D naming schema.. See `spec <>`_. """ self.log.debug('_validate_mets_file_group_names') for fileGrp in self.mets.file_groups: if not fileGrp.startswith(FILE_GROUP_PREFIX):"fileGrp USE does not begin with '%s': %s" % (FILE_GROUP_PREFIX, fileGrp)) else: # OCR-D-FOO-BAR -> ('FOO', 'BAR') # \____/\_/ \_/ # | | | # Prefix | Name # Category category = fileGrp[len(FILE_GROUP_PREFIX):] name = None if '-' in category: category, name = category.split('-', 1) if category not in FILE_GROUP_CATEGORIES:"Unspecified USE category '%s' in fileGrp '%s'" % (category, fileGrp)) if name is not None and not re.match(r'^[A-Z0-9-]{3,}$', name):"Invalid USE name '%s' in fileGrp '%s'" % (name, fileGrp)) def _validate_mets_files(self): """ Validate ``mets:file`` URLs are sane. """ self.log.debug('_validate_mets_files') try: next(self.mets.find_files()) except StopIteration:"No files") for f in self.mets.find_files(): if f._el.get('GROUPID'): # pylint: disable=protected-access"File '%s' has GROUPID attribute - document might need an update" % f.ID) if not f.pageId:"File '%s' does not manifest any physical page." % f.ID) if not f.url:"File '%s' has no mets:Flocat/@xlink:href" % f.ID) continue if 'url' not in self.skip and ':/' in f.url: if re.match(r'^file:/[^/]', f.url):"File '%s' has an invalid (Java-specific) file URL '%s'" % (f.ID, f.url)) scheme = f.url[0:f.url.index(':')] if scheme not in ('http', 'https', 'file'):"File '%s' has non-HTTP, non-file URL '%s'" % (f.ID, f.url)) def _validate_page(self): """ Run PageValidator on the PAGE-XML documents referenced in the METS. """ self.log.debug('_validate_page') for ocrd_file in self.mets.find_files(mimetype=MIMETYPE_PAGE): self.workspace.download_file(ocrd_file) page_report = PageValidator.validate(ocrd_file=ocrd_file, page_textequiv_consistency=self.page_strictness, check_coords=self.page_coordinate_consistency in ['poly', 'both'], check_baseline=self.page_coordinate_consistency in ['baseline', 'both']) pg = page_from_file(ocrd_file) if pg.pcGtsId != ocrd_file.ID: page_report.add_warning('pc:PcGts/@pcGtsId differs from mets:file/@ID: "%s" !== "%s"' % (pg.pcGtsId or '', ocrd_file.ID or '')) def _validate_page_xsd(self): """ Validate all PAGE-XML files against PAGE XSD schema """ self.log.debug('_validate_page_xsd') for ocrd_file in self.mets.find_files(mimetype=MIMETYPE_PAGE): self.workspace.download_file(ocrd_file) for err in XsdPageValidator.validate(Path(ocrd_file.local_filename)).errors:"%s: %s" % (ocrd_file.ID, err)) self.log.debug("Finished alidating all PAGE-XML files against XSD") def _validate_mets_xsd(self): """ Validate METS against METS XSD schema """ self.log.debug('_validate_mets_xsd') self.log.debug("Validating METS %s against XSD" % self.workspace.mets_target) for err in XsdMetsValidator.validate(Path(self.workspace.mets_target)).errors:"%s: %s" % (self.workspace.mets_target, err)) self.log.debug("Finished Validating METS against XSD")