ocrd_network.rabbitmq_utils.publisher module

The source code in this file is adapted by reusing some part of the source code from the official RabbitMQ documentation.

class ocrd_network.rabbitmq_utils.publisher.RMQPublisher(host: str = 'localhost', port: int = 5672, vhost: str = '/')[source]

Bases: RMQConnector

authenticate_and_connect(username: str, password: str) None[source]
setup_defaults() None[source]
create_queue(queue_name: str, exchange_name: str | None = None, exchange_type: str | None = None, passive: bool = False) None[source]
publish_to_queue(queue_name: str, message: bytes, exchange_name: str | None = None, properties: BasicProperties | None = None) None[source]
enable_delivery_confirmations() None[source]