Source code for ocrd_validators.ocrd_zip_validator

Validating OCRD-ZIP.

See `spec <>`_.
from tempfile import mkdtemp
from shutil import rmtree

from ocrd_utils import getLogger, unzip_file_to_dir

from bagit import Bag, BagValidationError # pylint: disable=no-name-in-module
from bagit_profile import Profile, ProfileValidationError # pylint: disable=no-name-in-module

from ocrd_models import ValidationReport

# -------------------------------------------------

[docs]class OcrdZipValidator(): """ Validate conformance with BagIt and OCR-D bagit profile. See: - - - """ def __init__(self, resolver, path_to_zip): """ Arguments: resolver (Resolver): resolver path_to_zip (string): Path to the OCRD-ZIP file """ self.resolver = resolver self.path_to_zip = path_to_zip = ValidationReport() self.profile_validator = Profile(OCRD_BAGIT_PROFILE_URL, profile=OCRD_BAGIT_PROFILE) def _validate_profile(self, bag): """ Validate against OCRD BagIt profile (bag-info fields, algos etc) """ if not self.profile_validator.validate(bag): raise Exception(str( def _validate_bag(self, bag, **kwargs): """ Validate BagIt (checksums, payload.oxum etc) """ failed = None try: bag.validate(**kwargs) except BagValidationError as e: failed = e # for d in e.details: # log = getLogger('ocrd.ocrd_zip_validator') # if isinstance(d, ChecksumMismatch): # log.error("Validation Error: expected %s to have %s checksum of %s but found %s", d.path, d.algorithm, d.expected, d.found) # else: # log.error("Validation Error: %s", d) if failed: raise BagValidationError("%s" % failed)
[docs] def validate(self, skip_checksums=False, skip_bag=False, skip_unzip=False, skip_delete=False, processes=2): """ Validate an OCRD-ZIP file for profile, bag and workspace conformance Arguments: skip_bag (boolean): Whether to skip all checks of manifests and files skip_checksums (boolean): Whether to omit checksum checks but still check basic BagIt conformance skip_unzip (boolean): Whether the OCRD-ZIP is unzipped, i.e. a directory skip_delete (boolean): Whether to skip deleting the unpacked OCRD-ZIP dir after valdiation processes (integer): Number of processes used for checksum validation """ if skip_unzip: bagdir = self.path_to_zip skip_delete = True else: # try: self.profile_validator.validate_serialization(self.path_to_zip) # except IOError as err: # raise err # except ProfileValidationError as err: # bagdir = mkdtemp(prefix=TMP_BAGIT_PREFIX) unzip_file_to_dir(self.path_to_zip, bagdir) try: bag = Bag(bagdir) self._validate_profile(bag) if not skip_bag: self._validate_bag(bag, fast=skip_checksums, processes=processes) finally: if not skip_delete: # remove tempdir rmtree(bagdir) return