ocrd_validators.ocrd_zip_validator module

Validating OCRD-ZIP.

See spec.

class ocrd_validators.ocrd_zip_validator.OcrdZipValidator(resolver, path_to_zip)[source]

Bases: object

Validate conformance with BagIt and OCR-D bagit profile.

  • resolver (Resolver) – resolver

  • path_to_zip (string) – Path to the OCRD-ZIP file

validate(skip_checksums=False, skip_bag=False, skip_unzip=False, skip_delete=False, processes=2)[source]

Validate an OCRD-ZIP file for profile, bag and workspace conformance

  • skip_bag (boolean) – Whether to skip all checks of manifests and files

  • skip_checksums (boolean) – Whether to omit checksum checks but still check basic BagIt conformance

  • skip_unzip (boolean) – Whether the OCRD-ZIP is unzipped, i.e. a directory

  • skip_delete (boolean) – Whether to skip deleting the unpacked OCRD-ZIP dir after valdiation

  • processes (integer) – Number of processes used for checksum validation