Exif-PageXML Konkordanz

Exif Tag ID Exif PageXML (https://github.com/PRImA-Research-Lab/PAGE-XML) Recommendation Documentation
0xc573 OriginalFileName page/@imageFilename Contains the image file name including the file extension.
0x0100 ImageWidth page/@imageWidth Specifies the width of the image.
0x0101 ImageHeight page/@imageHeight Specifies the height of the image.
0x011a XResolution page/@XResolution Specifies the image resolution in width.
0x011b YResolution page/@YResolution Specifies the image resolution in height.
0x0103 Compression page/@Compression Indicates whether the image is compressed and the type of compression applied.
0x0106 PhotometricInterpretation page/@PhotometricInterpretation Specifies color space and/or model of the image.
0x0128 ResolutionUnit page/@ResolutionUnit Specifies the unit of the resolution information referring to a standardized unit of measurement (e.g., pixel, centimeter etc.).