Structure concordance METS and PAGE

METS maps the (logical) structure of a document. A logical structuring concerns individual chapters, paragraphs as well as special paragraphs (such as dedications, errata).

In the METS file in the <mets:structMap TYPE="LOGICAL"> section, the chapters or paragraphs are listed starting with the headings of the chapters or paragraphs of a digitized document (<mets:div TYPE="..." LABEL="[header]"/>). In the PAGE standard, only the element with the type attribute value heading <TextRegion type="heading">is intended for the documentation of the logical structuring. Particular chapters can only be distinguished with the specific value in the custom-Attribut.

Description XML <mets:div TYPE="..."/> <TextRegion type="...">
Preface preface heading
Dedication dedication
Chapter chapter
Section section
Letter letter
Table table
Map map
Imprint imprint
Errata corrigenda
Article article
Supplement additional
Report report