ocrd_utils.config module

Most behavior of OCR-D is controlled via command-line flags or keyword args. Some behavior is global or too cumbersome to handle via explicit code and better solved by using environment variables.

OcrdEnvConfig is a base class to make this more streamlined, to be subclassed in the ocrd package for the actual values

class ocrd_utils.config.OcrdEnvVariable(name, description, parser=<class 'str'>, validator=<function OcrdEnvVariable.<lambda>>, default=[False, None])[source]

Bases: object

An environment variable for use in OCR-D.

  • name (str) – Name of the environment vairable

  • description (str) – Description of what the variable is used for.

Keyword Arguments:
  • parser (callable) – Function to transform the raw (string) value to whatever is needed.

  • validator (callable) – Function to validate that the raw (string) value is parseable.

  • default (tuple(bool, any)) – 2-tuple, first element is a bool whether there is a default value defined and second element contains that default value, which can be a callable for defered evaluation

describe(wrap_text=True, indent_text=True)[source]
class ocrd_utils.config.OcrdEnvConfig[source]

Bases: object

add(name, *args, **kwargs)[source]
describe(name, *args, **kwargs)[source]