ocrd_utils package

Utility functions and constants usable in various circumstances.

  • coordinates_of_segment(), coordinates_for_segment()

    These functions convert polygon outlines for PAGE elements on all hierarchy levels below page (i.e. region, line, word, glyph) between relative coordinates w.r.t. a corresponding image and absolute coordinates w.r.t. the top-level image. This includes rotation and offset correction, based on affine transformations. (Used by ocrd.workspace.Workspace methods ocrd.workspace.Workspace.image_from_page() and ocrd.workspace.Workspace.image_from_segment().)

  • rotate_coordinates(), shift_coordinates(), transpose_coordinates(), transform_coordinates()

    These backend functions compose affine transformations for reflection, rotation and offset correction of coordinates, or apply them to a set of points. They can be used to pass down the coordinate system along with images (both invariably sharing the same operations context) when traversing the element hierarchy top to bottom. (Used by ocrd.workspace.Workspace methods ocrd.workspace.Workspace.image_from_page() and ocrd.workspace.Workspace.image_from_segment().)

  • rotate_image(), crop_image(), transpose_image()

    These PIL.Image functions are safe replacements for the rotate, crop, and transpose methods.

  • image_from_polygon(), polygon_mask()

    These functions apply polygon masks to PIL.Image objects.

  • xywh_from_points(), points_from_xywh(), polygon_from_points() etc.

    These functions have the syntax X_from_Y, where X and Y can be:

    • bbox is a 4-tuple of integers x0, y0, x1, y1 of the bounding box (rectangle)

      (used by PIL.Image)

    • points a string encoding a polygon: “0,0 100,0 100,100, 0,100”

      (used by PAGE-XML)

    • polygon is a list of 2-lists of integers x, y of points forming an (implicitly closed) polygon path: [[0,0], [100,0], [100,100], [0,100]]

      (used by Open cv2 and higher-level coordinate functions in ocrd_utils)

    • xywh a dict with keys for x, y, width and height: {‘x’: 0, ‘y’: 0, ‘w’: 100, ‘h’: 100}

      (produced by tesserocr and image/coordinate recursion methods in ocrd.workspace)

    • x0y0x1y1 is a 4-list of strings x0, y0, x1, y1 of the bounding box (rectangle)

      (produced by tesserocr)

    • y0x0y1x1 is the same as x0y0x1y1 with positions of x and y in the list swapped

  • is_file_in_directory() is_local_filename(), safe_filename(), abspath(), get_local_filename()

    filesystem-related utilities

  • is_string(), membername(), concat_padded(), nth_url_segment(), remove_non_path_from_url(), parse_json_string_with_comments(), parse_json_string_or_file(), set_json_key_value_overrides(), assert_file_grp_cardinality(), make_file_id() generate_range()

    String and OOP utilities



  • logging, setOverrideLogLevel(), getLevelName(), getLogger(), initLogging()

    Exports of ocrd_utils.logging

  • deprecated_alias()

  • rename_kwargs()

  • deprecation_warning()

    Decorator to mark a kwarg as deprecated