Individual connected text regions are marked as paragraphs. Initials and marginal notes, tables, headings, column titles, captions, footnotes and endnotes as well as page numbers or sheet signatures are separate structures and should not be confused with paragraphs. Transitions between individual paragraphs can be identified by blank lines or indentations at the beginning of a new paragraph in the case of justification. If a text region cannot be assigned to a specific structure, it is considered a paragraph. Paragraphs are not structured hierarchically.

Figure 1. simple paragraphs
Figure 2. polygonal paragraph segments, source: Deutscher Sprachschatz geordnet nach Begriffen zur leichten Auffindung und Auswahl des passenden Ausdrucks. Ein stilistisches Hülfsbuch für jeden Deutsch Schreibenden. Bd. 1. Hamburg, 1873.. Link:, Seite 2