Dockerfile provided by MP

MP should provide a Dockerfile that should result in a container which bundles the tools developed by the MP along with all requirements.

Based on ocrd:core

Docker containers should be based on the ocrd base image which itself is based on Ubuntu 18.04. For one, this allows MP to use the ocrd tool to handle recurrent tasks in a spec-conformant way. Besides, it locally installed and containerized CLI interchangeable.

Shell entrypoint

No CMD should be provided.

No ENTRYPOINT should be provided.

If CMD or ENTRYPOINT are provided, they should be empty arrays.

/data as volume

The directory /data in the the container should be marked as a volume to allow processing host data in the container in a uniform way.


FROM ocrd:core
VOLUME ["/data"]

# RUN-commands to install requirements, build and install
# e.g.
# apt-get install -y curl