OCR-D in EuropeanaTech Insights

Aug 9, 2019 🏷 paper 🏷 DATeCH 🏷 2019

On the occasion of DATeCH 2019, the online journal “EuropeanaTech Insights” dedicated its last issue to the topic of optical character recognition.

In addition to articles on OCR in Bengali and Arabic texts from the British Library and on automatic article recognition in Finnish journals, the OCR-D project and its first results are presented in detail under the title “OCR-D: An End-to-end open source OCR framework for historical documents”. Authors of the paper are C. Neudecker, K. Baierer, M. Federbusch (Berlin State Library), K.M. Würzner, M. Boenig (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), E. Herrmann (Duke-August Library Wolfenbüttel), V. Hartmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).