OCR-D - Phase III

In February 2020, the DFG published a call for proposals to continue the OCR-D project in a third project phase. The goal of this phase is the implementation of the OCR-D software in institutions that maintain and process collections. Four implementation and three module projects were approved by the DFG.

On 30 July, our kick-off workshop took place, heralding phase III of OCR-D. The team of the Coordination Project introduced objectives and communications channels of phase III, gave an insight into the current status and plans of the OCR-D software, the Web API and the handling of Ground Truth Data in OCR-D. Furthermore, the Coordination Project presented Best Practices of Software Developing in OCR-D, including ideas for the community on how to contribute. In addition, the implementation and module projects presented themselves to the interested community and to our cooperation partners.

Implementation Projects

Module Projects