OCR(-D) & Co starting in May

Elisabeth Engl Apr 26, 2021 🏷 open call 🏷 phase 3 🏷 community

On 7 May 2021 will be the inaugural session of our new barcamp-like monthly event OCR(-D) & Co. barcamp format, developers, users and all other interested persons will be will be given the opportunity to talk about OCR(-D).

OCR(-D) & Co will take place every first Friday of the month from May 7 onwards at 10-11 am CET in a BBB room. At the beginning of each meeting, participants have the opportunity to suggest topics of interest, which can then be discussed by small groups in breakout rooms. In addition to the open TechCall, where the OCR-D community discusses technical topics every second Wednesday, OCR(-D) & Co also offers participants without in-depth OCR-D knowledge the opportunity to contribute their own questions and ideas to the discussion and to openly exchange ideas with other OCR-interested people. We look forward to your participation!