Level 2 and 3

The hyphenation is transcribed according to the original.

Original Sign Entity Description Example
U+2E17 DOUBLE OBLIQUE HYPHEN herrlich⸗ Ankömm⸗

Double hyphen in: Arno Schmidt: Erzählungen, Frankfurt am Main 1994, ISBN 3-10-373505-7. Detail of the right borger on page 525 (with text from the narration Caliban über Setebos, first published in 1964) with a double hyphen in the compound word "Zweideutigkeit" and the usual single hyphen for separating the word "wechselte".; image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Double_Hyphen_in_a_work_from_Arno_Schmidt.png.

= U+003D EQUALS SIGN auserlesener Zwei=Deutig-