Level 1 and Level 2

Punctuation marks appear directly after the preceding word without spaces. Next there is a space. Quotation marks and parentheses are placed directly next to the text they enclose, without spaces. Footnote references without spaces also follow the preceding character directly without spaces.

in allem vnſerm Truͤbſal/ das wir auch koͤnnen
troͤſten/ die da ſind in allerley Truͤbſal mit dem
Troſt/damit wir von GOTT getroͤſtet wer-
den/ Hochgelobet vnd geliebet in Ewigkeit/

The impression left on the page by a spatium that has fallen off during the printing process is usually not transcribed.

Several dots in a row, which represent an omission, are enclosed by a space. An exception to this are dots that indicate an incomplete word. Without spaces, they appear directly after the incomplete word.

There is a space before and after dashes in the middle of the sentence. If the dash precedes a punctuation mark, no space is typed in between.

The Unicode table determines the punctuation rules General Punctuation.