Level 3

In level 3, there is minimal normalisation of spaces. True following the template, spaces are transcribed.

[Line 1] in allem vnſerm Truͤbſal/das wir auch koͤnnen
[Line 2] troͤſten/die da ſind in allerley Truͤbſal mit dem
[Line 3] Troſt/damit wir von GOTT getroͤſtet wer-
[Line 4] den / Hochgelobet vnd geliebet in Ewigkeit /
  • to lines 1, 2 and 3

    The punctuation mark (Virgil) is transcribed without a space directly on the preceding word and without a space after it.
  • to line 4

    The punctuation mark (Virgil) is transcribed with a space before it and a space after it. No distinction is made in the extent of the space; as a rule, only one space is transcribed at a time.

Commas are transcribed in the same way as in the example given.

The print on the page by a spatium that has fallen off during the printing process is not usually transcribed.

Several dots in sequence, which are intended to clarify an ellipsis, are each enclosed by a space. An exception is made for dots that indicate a word break. They are placed directly after the incomplete word without a space.

There is a space before and after a dash in the middle of a sentence. If the dash is directly before a punctuation mark, no space is typed between them.

The Unicode table determines the punctuation rules General Punctuation.