Implementation and module projects granted

Elisabeth Engl Jun 10, 2021 🏷 DFG 🏷 grant 🏷 phase 3

In addition to the coordination project, the DFG also approved seven implementation and module projects that will begin their work in the coming months.

Of the eleven proposals submitted, which were developed in the course of extensive piloting of the OCR-D software in the summer of 2020, four implementation and three module projects will be funded by the DFG.

The module projects will further develop selected OCR-D tools.

  • Workflow for work-specific training based on generic models with OCR-D as well as ground truth enhancement (UB Mannheim).
  • Font Group Recognition for Improved OCR (JGU Mainz, FAU Erlangen)
  • OLA-HD Service - A Generic Service for Long-Term Archiving of Historical Prints (SUB Göttingen, GWDG)

Together with the ca. 65 other OCR-D tools, these form the basis for the work of the four implementation projects, which will prepare the existing OCR-D software for its productive use in mass digitisation.

  • Integration of Kitodo and OCR-D for productive mass digitisation (UB Braunschweig, SLUB Dresden, UB Mannheim).
  • OPERANDI: OCR-D Performance Optimisation and Integration (SUB Göttingen, GWDG)
  • OCR-D Software in Modular Mass Digitisation Workflows (ULB Halle)
  • OCR4all libraries full text recognition of historical collections (GEI Braunschweig, HCI and ZPD of the University of Würzburg)

We are very much looking forward to this next project phase and the (further) cooperation with the implementation and module projects, which will prepare the use of the OCR-D software in different usage scenarios.